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I got you~ Under my skin

27 March 1986
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Le parisien aime surtout les ruelles du quartier du Marais...

name : Maureen/박희진
nationality : French
living in : Paris, France
blood type : O
birthday : March 27th
favorite brand : Promod, Camaieu, Skin Food
height : 178cm (I know I'm really tall >__<)
weight : secret XD
strong point : can cook, cheerful, can be really patient (useful when I have to wait several hours somewhere XD)
weak point : spends too much money on TVXQ stuff
favorite color : purple, red, black, white
favorite animal : dog, tiger
fandom : TVXQ♥, Shinhwa, Super Junior, Se7en, Big Bang, Koda Kumi, Miyavi and more...
motto : A positive attitude can really make dreams come true. It did for me \^o^/

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